If you have finished all of the interesting movies on Net Flics or Amazon and are tired of cruising the net or watching youtube what's left?  You could read a book, or play games OR you could make that neat application you have always been thinking about.

What would you think if you could make an app that you can see up and running in a short period of time?  What would you think if that app could run on the web, a mobile app and even on SMS?  Yes, SMS it can run on SMS.

One of the most difficult things if you want to start a new project and start  programming is setting up the environment.  There are so many little issues that can cause immense frustration and then you just give up.  That's why it is good to start with a copy paste program environment taking an existing program and just changing it to suite your own needs.

I'm not going to say that it is effortless, but I will say that the sense of satisfaction and joy of creating a truly functional app is an uplifting experience.  It is one thing to wish somebody would make an app that did this and that, but something else entirely that you created yourself.

Why not give it a try.  Go to developer.onem.com and create a free account, follow the directions and create your own micro-app.

The documentation is there online and you can follow this step-by-step process here.

Our framework takes all of the drudgery out of layout and design, you can focus on the business logic of your micro-app.  You can stick it on a website, run it from a mobile app container or even run it over SMS.

If you have a business you could create neat applications that handle internal company services or you could make applications that are client facing.

To see an example of what you could create take a look at the micro-app on onem.com.

If you need more help you can go to our community forum and post you question and we would be happy to engage with you to put you on the right track.

We look forward to seeing some new faces in the hobby and professional micro-app space.