Building and construction contractors need to manage their crew and suppliers during a project. Crew have assignments and need to coordinate their activities according to project milestones.  Suppliers need to provide construction inputs on time and on budget.  There are many tasks that can be automated to help any contractor get a handle on their costs.

One of the biggest problems that companies face is the shortage of willing builders at certain pay-scales. Therefore, communication with builders is an important element of any business.  Not only to communicate but to schedule and track progress regarding the various construction activities.

There are a number of packages out there that provide scheduling, todo lists, basic communication and knowledge based information.  The problem is they require a smartphone and downloading an app from either Apple or Google.  That means they must have the internet available and that might not be the case in some construction areas.

An omni-channel micro-app solves this problem because it can operate on data as well as SMS.  Micro-apps  can perform all of the standard activities that a contractor would want, as well as more specific capabilities peculiar to the contractor's technical capabilities.

Capability Micro-app
Task tracker Schedule and track tasks
Time Tracker Track hours worked including overtime
Work Scheduler Schedule activities and assignments
Messaging Construction workers group and P2P messaging
Material Estimators Material estimators for project requirements
Supplier Tracker Track arrival and use of supplier materials