There are 1.7 billion websites and most are dead (pcmag).  There are many reasons but the main reason is customers, both new and old don't see any value in visiting a website that does nothing for them.  Much of the content is outdated or not interesting.

It's a shame because a website is the company's address or storefront on the internet.  Your web address is like the entry in the Yellow Pages.  Google has replaced the Yellow Pages as the way we find companies, which means if people can't find you on Google, then as far as the internet is concerned, you don't exist.

Unless you have a popular blog or online retail site where people place orders, there is little reason for customers to revisit a website that never changes.

Successful company websites connect with the customer in meaningful ways.  They provide valuable current information or provide services that the customer needs.

Customer engagement is key.  If the website can provide the customer some useful service, then there is a reason to visit the website.  Most likely, this traffic will be picked up by Google through link backs and customer searches thus driving up the ranking of the website.

A dynamic website does not necessarily mean that the customer is better engaged. Many websites provide different content depending on several factors such as time of day or using customer identification through cookies or IP address.

Make your website dynamic in a different way. Engage customers by embedding a micro-app on your company's website.  Micro-apps provide a variety of services of value to both new and existing customers depending on the company's line of business.

Customers engage with micro-apps because they enjoy the feeling of control and empowerment to automate tasks.  Micro-apps function just like an IOS or Android app, except that they are accessed from the webpage and don't need to be downloaded.

Here is a list of different kinds of engagement that a micro-app can impart on a website.

Type of Engagement Frequency Business Type
Account Access Medium Sales
Order Processing Medium Sales
Scheduling & Appointments High Service
Product Search High Sales
Calculators / Estimators Medium Service
Wizard FAQ Medium Any
Smart Contact Medium Any

Micro-apps can be developed in days not months. Once a micro-app has been developed, it can be added to a website with just three lines of code.

Once a website has been upgraded with a micro-app, you can let your customers know they can access your new service.

Now you have a real reason why you should keep your website's content up-to-date and relevant.  When customers start accessing your website you will feel compelled to keep up your appearances.

Before you know it, your website will have come back to life with engaged and happy customers.  Customers will have found a reason why they need to go to your website and share it with their friends and associates.