Micro-apps have a very great talent that no other framework has.  As an app, they can operate 100% over SMS.

There are 3 billion people without access to the internet, but they have access to a basic mobile.  That is all that is needed for a micro-app to work.  A basic mobile and SMS.

There are 10 million NGO's with the majority of them helping the poor who are most likely not to have the internet.  They are funded by 27 billion (Oxfam Study) USD of which 60% is spent on 10 countries in the world.

More than USD 277 billion worth of funding go for humanitarian aid to 20 countries of the world.  In effect these services could benefit greatly from a micro-app that can work over the internet and offline on SMS.

One of the biggest non-material costs NGO's will incur is the cost of reaching the recipients of aid.  Communications is a key factor in how an organization can be more effective in their mission.  Without adequate communication the needy cannot be reached and helped.

A micro-app can help NGOs in so many ways.  From collecting donations to providing digital services for their staff in the field, to helping the needy with a variety of digital services.

Whatever an NGO organization is looking to do, a micro-app can be programmed to handle the collection, processing and display of valuable data.

A micro-app on SMS can operate on any kind of mobile.  The micro-app can be used to collect and disseminate vital information, provide services to those in need.

Micro-apps can provide different kinds of services ideal helping the unconnected.

Function Purpose
Warnings Issue health warnings
Appointments Establish appointments with followup
Feedback Wizards to determine health factors
Event Propagation of event information
Subsidies Subsidy management
Account Account sign-up or sign-in
Wallet Mobile money
Donate Donation & Collection forms
Assessment Health assessment forms
Search Search for medicine & Services