ONEm micro-apps reach everybody with or without the internet

So many people have access to the internet, we almost never think of what it's like not to have access until we don't.

There are actually 40% of the people in the world that don't use or have access to the internet.  However, at least 80% do have a mobile phone.

What if you could create a service that can really reach everybody.  It would have to work without the internet.

That is where SMS comes in.   ONEm micro-apps are the only application in the world that can operate over SMS as well as web and as a mobile app.

One application, one development and one codebase

To make an application that can reach everybody would be a very expensive undertaking.  While there are many companies that offer SMS apis for notifications, there are no services that offer a way to run an application over SMS allowing real interaction with users.

All other services have extensions that allow for notifications and sometimes for keywords to be sent back that will invoke some function.

ONEm micro-apps are really unique in that a single code base works on a mobile app, web widget and SMS.

A mobile app, a web widget and interactive SMS

Choice is important, because as we know those who have access to the internet wouldn't consider using SMS, and those with a smartphone would prefer to have an app rather than use a web page.

On a mobile app via a QR code or by name

Mobile app - ONEm has a mobile app service where the user can load one or more micro-apps simply by using a QR code or by using the name of the micro-app.

Put on any web page with three lines of code

Many organizations have websites that may or may not be updated, or may or may not have any data collection or interactive capabilities.  Copy three lines of code and put it in the bottom of the body and your website will be transformed into a dynamic data processing tool.

Access interactively on SMS

SMS can still be a very useful capability to have even in the internet enabled societies.  SMS is always on, while data may not be.  Micro-app can communicate via SMS and the user can respond and execute the micro-app or switch over to data and access the service on a mobile app.

ONEm's micro-app service provides a big reach for a small budget

Investing in a ONEm micro-app will save countless hours and headaches as it is based on web technology with a crucial twist.

Developers can focus on the business logic and leave the details of how to present it to our platform.  It is common for 80% of a developers time to be spent on UI UX design and implementation.

See for yourself how quick applications can be created and deployed.