Many small restaurants give up to 20% on each order when they use gig based delivery services.  The benefit they get in return, is the promise of increased orders.  There is a benefit for economies of scale.  Drivers can serve many restaurants instead of one.  Restaurants don't have to invest in delivery vehicles or employees.  They pay as they go.  Get orders, pay 20% otherwise no costs.

Restaurant margins are already thin.  By using home delivery services, restaurants can expect to earn 10-15% instead of 30%.

The problem many small restaurants have is their regular customers.  They lose out on orders that don't need to be placed by these services.  If 60% of their customers are local, then they are just giving away their profits.

Another bigger problem is the advent of "ghost restaurants" that are run by the same organisations that run the delivery business.  Ultimately the business that was supposed to help the small restaurant earn more money becomes the cause of its demise.

A micro-app can help solve this problem by putting the power of ordering back with the restaurant owner.

A micro-app that has the menu and ordering system for a small restaurant. Customers can sign-up and have their own order history.  Deliveries can be made using local delivery services that can also sign-up on the micro-app.