It's a single codebase, multi-footprint application that is accessible via a web-widget that runs on any existing website, accessible via SMS and also via any other messaging channel that supports interaction over an API.

Fundamentally the micro-app framework eliminates the need to design and control layouts.  This is achieved by the framework which provides a consistent presentation for menus, forms and element display using primitive HTML tag structures.

Single Code Base

The single codebase is important because the focus is to have a single application development that can be accessed over different channels without having to consider the different ways in which these channels operate.

On web, the micro-app takes advantage of the browser's capabilities providing a modern interface.  On SMS the micro-app handles a completely different presentation that is text based while achieving the same application results.

The benefit of the developer is that they do not have to consider how an SMS application is different from a web application - develop once deploy over many.

The same is true for social media channels.  If a channel supports two way communication, the ONEm platform can handle the applications response between the client and the developer's application.

Standard Application Capabilities

A micro-app has the same fundamental controls of any application.  Menus for navigation, forms for collecting data, validation and display of information.

Micro-apps mimic the footprint of a mobile app in that on the web they operate from a container which is the same size as a mobile app.

Micro-apps can connect to any data source to provide different kinds of solutions that a business can use to improve productivity.

Data Collection and Processing Separation

A unique feature of a micro-app on a website is the ability to separate a data collection and processing application from the CMS system of website content.

This makes two separate business functions (1) Data processing and (2) Content presentation much easier to manage.

It is much more difficult to integrate data processing functionality into a CMS system than to keep it completely separate.  The benefits are no downtime of a complete website if something were to go wrong with an application.

Customer in Control

Because micro-apps are easy to use and can be deployed over different channels, a businesses can delegate control to the customer. By having micro-apps with differing capabilities available on different pages of a website, the customer is given greater control over what they can do.

Having multiple channels available to the customer allows greater flexibility. SMS can be used as a convenient, speedy alternative to the web, allowing for example a customer to respond to an appointment reminder without having to go to a website.